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1.01 – Welcome to the Hellmouth

Director: Charles Martin Smith
Script: Joss Whedon
Characters: Angel / Buffy / Cordelia / Darla / Giles / Jesse / Luke / Master / Mr. Flutie / Willow / Xander
Songs: Believe (Sprung Monkey) / Saturated (Sprung Monkey) / Swirl (Sprung Monkey) / Things are changing (Sprung Monkey) / Losing Ground (Mindtribe) / No Heroes (Master Source Library)

Buffy Summers moves to the small town of Sunnydale. At her new school, she meets the chatty Xander and the nerdy Willow. The mysterious librarian announces to her that he is a legendary slayer, a person destined to kill vampires and other dark forces. Meanwhile, in the depths of the underworld, an ominous Master – the lord of the vampires, plans to free himself from the trap in which he is stuck – the vampires also learn that a slayer has appeared in the city. Buffy has to face her enemies, which ends in the old mausoleum.


1.02 – The Harvest

Director: John Kretchmer
Script: Joss Whedon
Characters: Angel /Buffy / Colin / Cordelia / Darla / Giles / Harmony / Jesse / Luke / Master / Mr. Flutie / Willow / Xander
Songs: Right My Wrong (Sprung Monkey) / Ballad for dead friends (Dashboard Prophets) / Wearing me down (Dashboard Prophets)

The Master’s sinister plans continue. The vampires kidnap Buffy’s new friend, Jesse, and turn him into a vampire; when Buffy and the pack try to save him, it is too late. The Master anoints strong vampire Luke as his blood vessel – whoever Luke drinks, the Master receives their soul and gains the strength to overcome the magic that holds him captive. Vampires raid a local club, Bronze, where Luke begins the harvest of blood, but Buffy gets in his way and interrupts the ceremony, killing the vampires.


1.03 – Witch

Director: Stephen Cragg
Script: Dana Reston
Characters: Amy / Buffy / Catherine / Cordelia / Dr. Gregory / Giles / Joy / Joyce / Lishanne / Mr. Pole /  Willow / Xander
Songs: Twilight Zone (2 Unlimited) / All the Time (Peter Ajemian) / Macho Man (Village People)

Buffy wants to go back to her previous hobby and becomes a cheerleader. She lands in reserve and meets a girl, Amy, who’s not very good at cheerleading but wants to please her mother, who was an amazing cheerleader and demands too much of her daughter. However, not everything is what it seems – Amy is a powerful witch and eliminates the competition with intimidating efficiency. And this is not her only secret…


1.04 – Teacher’s Pet

Director: Bruce Seth Green
Script: David Greenwalt
Characters: Angel / Blayne / Boy / Buffy / Bum /Cordelia / Dr. Gregory / Giles / Miss French / Mr. Flutie / Natalie / Willow / Xander
Songs: Already Met You (Superfine) / Stoner Love (Superfine)

Miss French, a new biology teacher, arrives in Sunnydale. She charms all boys with her beauty and mysterious attraction. Buffy doesn’t like it, especially since the teacher scares off even vampires – the Slayer learns that Miss French is the name of an old retiree who has nothing to do with the new teacher. But Xander doesn’t believe Buffy and goes to private “tutoring” with Miss French at her house. There, however, it turns out that Buffy was right, and Xander is the monster’s main dish…


1.05 – Never Kill a Boyfriend on a First Date

Director: David Samel
Script: Rob Des Hotel & Dean Batali
Characters: Angel / Buffy /  Collin / Cordelia / Giles / Owen / Master / Willow / Xander
Songs: Let the Sun Fall Down (Kim Richey) / Junkie Girl (Rubber) / Strong (Velvet Chain) / Treason (Velvet Chain)

Giles finds out that Master can rise soon, with the help of Anointed One. Buffy, in the meantime, trying to have a normal life, arranges a date with Owen, a boy that she looked up to for some time. The same evening, a bus crashes with passangers in it, Giles warns Buffy that it’s connected with Anointed One. Buffy ignores the warning and goes on a date with Owen. The date turns turbulent, when vampires attack them, and Owen is rendered unconscious. The next day, Owen as for another date, completely under spell of dangerous life Buff leads, but the girl refuses, knowing it may end with his death. In the meantime, Anointed One, a young boy, arrives to Master’s lair, ready to fulfill his destiny.