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Willow Rosenberg is a daughter of Sheila and Ira Rosenberg. There are many indications that Willow was born on July 24, 1981. The year is certain, since Willow is Buffy’s age, July 24 may be sold by the wallpaper hanging on one of the walls in Willow’s room. Willow is Buffy’s best friend, a first person that Buffy befriends and her confident. During first season she was not a very bold persont, but as she grows older,  she becomes more open and daring. A particular increase in audacity occurs when her vampiric double (which we first meet in “The Wish”) appears in Sunnydale.

Willow is crazy about learning and teaching. At the time of Jenny Calendar’s death, Willow is taking over the computer science class.

Willow is also an amateur witch. Although over time, he becomes more and more professional. Her love of magic causes her troubles many times.

Since the second series (or more precisely, since meeting Oz), he has been doing such unimaginable things as going on dates. Willow was crazy about Oz then. Before Oz, Willow was crazy about Xander, she was so fascinated by him that she even knew his blood pressure. Her fascination with Xander leads her to be caught by Oz and Cordelia kissing him. After a while, Oz forgives her, and from that moment on, Willow goes mad for Oz again. The moment Oz leaves to accept his wild werewolf side, Willow falls into melancholy and “magical insanity”, all her wishes come true, she is so strong that Ta’hoffren offers to turn her into a demon (as he did with Anya before turning her into Anyanka). Willow refuses. However, after some time Willow regains his former humor, and then he puts all his energy into magic. Tara helps her in magic, and after some time she begins to have a strong emotional bond with Willow. Willow meets Tara at a “witches” meeting.

One of the coolest things about Willow is the way she talks in moments of excitement, which is when Willow stutters delightfully. During college time, she blends perfectly with the campus, with which even Buffy has problems. Her charming quirks, and kind and curious personality are making her a star of every episode she is in. She can be badass, she can be shy or courageous, she can kill and she can save life. She is… Willow.

As for my personal opinion, Willow is my favorite and beloved character from the show. She stole my heart and I had major wish to be like her, when I saw the series for the first time. Also, her being a lesbian and loving Tara, made me more aware of my own orientation and allowed me to come out from the closet.

My favorite Willow episodes are

  1. Doppelgangerland, where deadly vampiric Willow faces the shy and withdrew our world Willow. Her shy attitude when she had to pretend her evil counterpart stole my heart!
  2. Two to Go, where murderous evil witch!Willow shows her more tragic site, and kill Tara’s killers one after another.
  3. I couldn’t not mention Freshmen, where Willow blooms at college, this was also one of my faves!